March 14th, 2008

Think about It

Thinking aloud last night with KC, I made the logical hop from feeling

ambivalence–the state of having simultaneous but conflicting feelings or attitudes, such as love and hate, toward some person or thing. ambivalent (ambi- in two ways + valere to be worth)


valence–the quality of an atom…that determines the number of other atoms…with which it can combine… -valent combining form having (a given number of) valent forms: monovalent, trivalent

So when you are ambivalent about an idea or an atom or a person, you don’t know whether you can bond with it or not…genius!!

Oh, English language, how much do I love you? Sometimes I feel like I should write a little tribute to my love, but since I would have to use words to write that tribute, it seems a little tacky, like borrowing someone’s credit card to buy them a present. I have so many really serious problems.

When violins aren’t so out of tune

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So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum

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