March 16th, 2008


I have a bad habit of, when I think of a nice line of prose that I would like to use someday, I stick it into whatever I happen to be working on at the moment, even if it doesn’t fit at all. For safekeeping, as it were. I opened a file this week that I haven’t worked on in a year, and found this line floating non-sensically in the middle of some dialogue:

“I feel like a wave in the middle of the sea, that doesn’t know it’s a wave yet, that’s just water and the moon.”

So now it’s *here* for safekeeping, which is only somewhat more appropriate and less random.

In case you care, the reason I am looking at very old files is that…I have no further writing to do on *Once*. I spoke to my editor yesterday–it’s done. Story order, and what stays in, is still to come, but that isn’t typing time and I don’t know what to do with myself, so I’m working on old things, wondering what the hell I was thinking this time 2007.

Maybe *I* don’t know I’m a wave yet.

I’m feeling pretty bizarre, that’s for sure.

Pleased, yes, pleased, I forgot to mention that. Absolutely thrilled, really. But also super bizarre.

Living in the future

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