February 6th, 2008


I have nothing of import to say today, but my friends have questions for you. Over at A Place, Ferd wants to know your Oscar picks for the annual Oscar Derby. I often win, and this year I’ve actually seen several of the movies, so throw your hat into the ring! It’s very entertaining!

Also, my friend Corinna’s writing another article is writing another survey article for CanadianLiving.com, and has queries for you below. If you respond in the comments section here, or send me an email, I’ll pass it on (be sure to include the name you want used!)

I’d like to know what is the best, most unusual (in a good way) or
unexpeted compliment you’ve ever received? I’m not looking for
comments on nice eyes or pretty hair; I’d like to go beyond that and
hear about the complements that brightened your day or really meant
something to you. For example, I was once told I have a great walk!
Unexpected and strange. Perhaps your arch nemesis at work complimented
you on a job well done, or a stranger praised you for how well you
handled your temper-tantrum-throwing two-year-old.

Let me know what the compliment was, and if relevant, what the
circumstances were, who said it, and why it surprised you/meant
something to you. Make sure to include your name (first name only or
pseudonym ok), age and city.

Please get back to me by Wed. Feb. 20th. And pass this along to anyone
who you think might be interested in contributing.

Oh you crazy moon

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