January 31st, 2008

The end

977. Y as a vowel
978. Re-occurring characters
979. Aspertame
980. Finishing
981. Consistency of capitalization
982. Marinara sauce for dipping
983. The bread-making process
984. Bread
985. My cube at work
986. Palindromic numbers, prime numbers, perfect squares and cubes
987. My birthday
988. Frozen coffee drinks
989. The day I got my driver’s liscence
990. Contemplating what I’ll do next
991. Focus groups
992. Greek letters
993. Typing really fast
994. Nintendo Wii
995. The New Pornographers
996. Winking
997. Peanut-butter flavoured things
998. Effusive greetings
999. Team efforts
1000. Liking things

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