January 11th, 2008

More from Anne-Michelle

Not only does she send me lovely lists, but if it weren’t for Anne-Michelle, I would never have known about numbers 834, 855, 861, and 866 (which I found out when I read the list!) And I’ve received countless glorious 863 from her over the years! Hooray for liking! And I still don’t know about 823–what??

805. Pirate Booty
806. Sneezing
807. The concept of using pigs as currency (claimed to be true in
Vanuatu, on Ideas on the CBC tonight)
808. Home made wrapping paper
809. Clean dishes everywhere
810. Aged white cheddar.
811. Crispness
812. Double Airmiles
813. Remembering to take your vitamins
814. Websites that announce ‘Success!’
815. Big earrings
816. Marlene Dietrich wearing a tuxedo, and other kinds of classy cross dressing
817. Argentinian tango
818. Dancing for no reason
819. The texture of fresh tofu
820. Getting over something
821. Nailing things in/down/up
822. Gingerbread
823. The Liverpool Yellow Lamb Banana
824. Italian grocery stores
825. Saturday Evening Post covers
826. Pictures of Jackie Onassis
827. Stripes, and stars, but not together
828. Red and green onions
829. Really bushy cat tails
830. Seduction via cookies
831. Looking up postal codes
832. Kissing in the Wind (Norweigan kids book)
833. Piglet (fictional and real)
834. The white wild rabbits in Edmonton
835. Cozy
836. Excessive fridge magnets
837. Grand pianos
838. Getting Even by Woody Allen
839. Arthur and George by Julian Barnes
840. Cumin
841. Coriander
842. Culottes
843. Bubbles
844. Red
845. Bandaids
846. The Art of the Fugue by JSBach
847. 32 Short Films about Springfied
848. Flight of the Conchords
849. Someone bringing you a coffee
850. Elton John (I’m sorry, but yes.)
851. Part Time Lover by Stevie Wonder (also sorry, but still yes)
852. Spats
853. Buckwheat pillows
854. Banff
855. Pizza with pear and gorgonzola
856. Rosemary (the spice), still on the plant
857. Albums
858. Unexpected wearing of pyjamas
859. Wheat beer
860. Casablanca (the movie)
861. Eddie Izzard
862. P.G. Wodehouse
863. Postcards
864. The Sting (with Robert Redford and Paul Newman)
865. Records that are supposed to teach you to dance(?!)
866. The fact that Ellen Degeneres and that Portia de Rossi are dating
867. The kind of sunlight that is described with the verb ‘dapple’
868. Rumbling

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