January 1st, 2008

Liking in 2008

650. Not having the pay for TTC on New Year’s Eve.
651. Brisk walks
652. Really big olives
653. Hugs
654. Getting it
655. Dark dress shirt with a tie
656. Bulldogs
657. Linguists
658. Teachers
659. New beginnings

And now part II from AMT, this time aided and abetted by Marcin!

660. Batman
661. christmas wreathes
662. puppies and lasers on youtube
663. donuts
664. cilantro
665. MASH (the movie, and the tv show)
666. making fun of Adrienne Clarkson
667. santa hats, especially placed on inanimate objects to make them festive
668. the New Pornographers
669. doing favours
670. deciding who gets to be dominant
671. typos in take-out menus (current favourite: “Bean Curd in Ear-Then Pot”)
672. dried cherries
673. fireplaces
674. anchovies
675. feta
676. chopstick holders made out of wicker-basket material
677. boys that smell like good boy-deodorant (which maybe smells of ocean and pine trees?)
678. clementines
679. ray bradbury
680. david suzuki
681. being asked if there is something from the grocery store that you would like in the house when you arrive
682. the Soft Boys
683. shaving langourously
684. spackle
685. dogs running in their sleep
686. the name Esme
687. Winnie the Pooh and the House At Pooh Corner
688. Tom Waits
689. new subway systems to explore
690. it not mattering if you get lost
691. stark tree-lined winter fields
692. traffic jams that clear up as you get to them
693. seeing what ads google thinks my email warrants
694. finding old cryptic notes to myself
695. reading acknowledgements
696. Willard R. Espy
697. Shakespeare and Company bookstore
698. people who can actually wear berets and not look like morons
699. pastel jelly beans at easter
700. my grandmother
701. optimists who aren’t delusional about it
702. pessimists who aren’t mean about it
703. magnifying glasses
704. very small gift tags and envelopes
705. text messages from around the globe
706. the name of Pittsburgh’s public radio station: K*QED*
707. soft ginger cookies
708. mismatched coffee cups
709. the Blue Plate Diner in Edmonton
710. naan bread with lots of spices in it
711. hummus and olive oil brought from israel just for you
712. christmas cooking specials on the food network
713. the dubbing on the Japanese Iron Chef
714. souzaphones (really just the concept plus the name)
715. Williamsburg Bridge by Veda Hille
716. very short pop songs
717. renaissance paintings that include traditional christian images (the virgin, jesus, etc.) plus one surprising or anachronistic element (a pomegranite, the duke of urbino, the holy spirit dressed as a sailor, etc.)
718. toothpicks in cubes of cheese
719. (the memory of) Ben’s in Montreal (alas deceased)
720. oregano
721. cumin
722. smashing spices with mortar and pestle
723. my roommate who actually bought a mortar and pestle
724. all my roommates who have made me coffee
725. a pause in the conversation when you know that everyone in the room is happy
726. peter sellers
727. recoveries and close saves
728. running up the hill
729. the odd spate of exhibitionism
730. not having a television
731. expecting a package in the mail
732. shiny
733. La Vielle Europe deli in Montreal
734. that little green bookstore on Milton in the McGill ghetto…
735. huge sleeping but live cats in the windows of used bookstores
736. olive bars
737. very rubbery spatulas
738. the fact that my grandfather thought that last word was pronouced ‘spa-TSU-lah’
739. making one-night friends
740. walking down the aisles of empty theatres
741. ruby’s dining room table, made from a working Miss Pacman videogame
742. grenadine the bunny
743. contemporary pre-teens girls having crushes on e.g. Peter O’Toole or Ringo Starr, circa 1963
744. Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys
745. Very by the Pet Shop Boys
746. Steve Martin
747. Woody Allen and Diane Keaton in the planetarium in Manhattan (the movie)
749. whoever thought that Diane Keaton should wear very very wide belts in like 20 years’ worth of movies
750. watching Ana eat meatloaf
751. St. Sulpice in Montreal
752. Magoo’s in Toronto
753. the letter y
754. thinking up good facebook statuses
755. the story about Joey and the Box of Rocks
756. toy boxes and wooden trunkchests
757. old phonebooths in long rows in airplanes and train stations in 1970s movies
758. the original Thomas Crown Affair with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway
759. flirting with someone you are sleeping with, so you don’t have to, but it’s fun
760. really serious legwarmers
761. becky

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