January 8th, 2008

Liking, CanCon Edition

780. The Great Lakes
781. The Stills
782. Pop
783. *The Edible Woman*
784. *Twitch City*
785. Brian Mulroney’s voice
786. Fries with the skins on the ends, bought from a truck at the fair
787. Squeaky cold snow
788. Tegan & Sara
789. That French TV show with Pamplemousse–Telefrancais, was that it?
790. Bears
791. Avril (sad, but true)
792. Lake perch
793. Sugar pie
794. *The Cinnamon Peeler*
795. Montreal
796. Egalitarian education
797. Cross-border shopping
798. Awkwardness about greeting-hugs
799. Hawksley Workman
800. Canada’s Wonderland
801. Jokes about moose
802. Colm Feore
803. Grade Five, not Fifth Grade
804. Chinooks

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