January 23rd, 2008

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931. Joshua Ferris
932. Idealism
933. Change
934. Fedoras
935. Elephants
936. My parents
937. the word “zine”
938. Being busy
939. Independence
940. Getting to tell/being told the same story again because we both love it so much
941. Cool Ranch Doritos
942. “Bob Bob Bob” ads
943. Getting into a car that’s been baking in the sun
944. Decorating work cubicles
945. Paperbag mailboxes for Valentine’s Day
946. The Paperbag Princess
947. Backstory
948. High-heeled shoes
949. Post-it Flags
950. Staples Business Depot
951. Page-a-day calandars
952. Whippets
953. Unicyles
954. Sand
955. Scarves
956. The Maritimes
957. Chapstick
958. Dogs in Hallowe’en costumes
959. When animals sneeze
960. The you’ve-got-mail chime
961. Ellen Page


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