December 30th, 2007

This Year in Review–the 2007 Resolutions

1. Health vigilance

Basically, I wanted to not die in surgery in January, and to recover from it with reasonable alacrity. And I did, so this one’s a win. The fact that I haven’t gotten the plague or fallen down a flight of stairs in the months since is simply bonus.

2. Apply for grants.

Did it.

3. Devote an hour a week to current events.

Failure. Utter and complete failure. I may be a bad person.

4. Get a real job.

Got one.

5. Read lots and read joyfully.

Um, this isn’t a real resolution, of course I read. A few books I dragged myself through when I probably should’ve just stopped. Perhaps more work on the joy next time.

6. Make a blog.

Hey, whadaya know!

7. Travel!

New York and Ottawa, huzzah. Maybe I’ll dream a little bigger next year!

8. Practice gratitude.

Um, this one seems in retrospect a bit airy-fairy. Hard to tell how I’m really doing on it. I think ok.

9. Write a book.

Hey, I did that one too.

Whoo, 7.5/9, perhaps my best year ever. Am I softballing myself, should I try for greater things? Stay tunned for the 2008 resolutions–maybe I’m going to climb the side of a building or something!!

You be 1948 / I’ll be 1981

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