December 29th, 2007

Things I Like, as of 2008 (from AMT)

You’d think it impossible for me to like Anne-Michelle any better after ten years, yet this list endears her to me still more, especially #529 and 543. Better still, the email that contained it was entitled “Part 1”!!

509. Sample-size bottles at the drugstore
510. Dangly earrings
511. Red gloves with matching scarves and fetching hats
512. Purses made entirely of zippers
513. People offering advice who don’t care if you take it or not
514. The smell of lily of the valley
515. Cufflinks
516. Arrested Development
517. More coffee when you have already clearly had enough, bordering on too much
518. New year’s eve parties where you know hardly anyone, but they work out
519. Champagne for no reason
520. Very nice pens
521. Silver instead of gold
522. Working fireplaces
523. Long walks in the woods in the snow with the dog
524. Scrabble
525. Scrabulous
526. Cleaning out a drawer entirely
527. Packing gifts to take to the people you will be visiting
528. Red shoes
529. Boots with short skirts and colourful tights, so you look like a superheroine
530. A streak of navy blue in black hair
531. Pretty boxes
532. Sending flowers
533. Receiving flowers
534. Remembering just in time
535. Losing something, looking at the bottom of your bag one last time, and
suddenly finding it there
536. Breakfast in bed
537. Discovering that someone went beyond the call of duty
538. Discovering that someone noticed you going beyond the call of duty
539. Official people being reasonable
540. Clean windows
541. Fog when you don’t need to see
542. Ducks in the pond
543. Excessive wind when you are indoors
544. Standing just inside the balcony at 4am in an August thunderstorm
545. Buying christmas cards in boxing day sales
546. Wandering around IKEA with a person you love helping them buy furniture
547. Putting the very last screw or nail into a piece of DYI IKEA furniture
548. Ribbons
549. Not having to say it
550. Bruises that are almost gone
551. A stack of things you have completed
552. Very good headphones
553. Mash-ups of Tijuana Brass and Public Enemy
554. Beginner’s luck
555. Laughing till your eyes well up, and when you throw your head back the
tears go flying at the person who made you laugh
556. Getting something really clean that was previously really dirty
557. A long drive in the sun in the Berkshire mountains
558. Fairmount Bagels
559. The Canada Day waterfall off the Edmonton High Level Bridge
560. The kids who really know how to figure skate at the West Edmonton Mall
561. Home-made crepes
562. Old record players that come with their own speakers
563. Typewriters
564. Amnesty International
565. Jade jewelry on glamourous old people
566. Grace Kelly
567. The romantic ideal, though not the practical details, of gambling in Monaco
568. Jimmy Stewart movies
569. Very bad infomercials and evangelist television on late late night TV
570. Croquet, actually
571. Getting letters
572. Mix CDs
573. Poirot with David Suget (sp?)
574. Very old friends
575. Creating websites of no consequence
576. Putting up fairy lights
577. Crispy leaves on the ground
578. Naturally curly hair
579. A dash of freckles
580. Fluevogs
581. Dolce de leche ice cream
582. Newberry St in Boston
583. The Internationale
584. Miniature music boxes
585. Zebras
586. Woman who can pull off wearing long scarves
587. Elegance
588. That Gene Kelly look of too-short pants with loafers, preferably with no socks
589. That very strong Dutch black licorice covered in salt
590. Real cranberry juice
591. Ouzo
592. Stationery stores
593. Eccentric diners
594. Local cable access TV, particularly the shows that involve polka or
municipal politics
595. The box store in Hadley, Massachusetts that sells nothing but pet food
and 2-litre bottles of pop
596. Vegan food that does not taste vegan
597. Vegan buffet in New York City
598. The Strand Bookstore in New York City
599. The huge pubs in Liverpool
600. Pastisse (sp?)
601. Bailey’s on ice
602. Blue spruces
603. Making tricky recipes for the first time with someone you like
604. Waking up on special days
605. Curling up in bed with nothing to do but rest
606. Siberian tigers
607. Emperor penguins
608. Montreal’s Biodome
609. The Museum of Anthropology at UBC
610. Subversive wrapping paper
611. Duct tape with sushi on it
612. Tweezers
613. Packing foam
614. Brand new tubes of toothpaste
615. Spooky movies
616. Nina Simone
617. Admitting that you like Beyonce

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