December 17th, 2007


If anyone were an obsessive reader of the sign-off lines around here, they might have noticed that I am experiencing something of a CanRock Renaissance in my life. This is in large part reflective of the fact that I have a fast internet connection at work and can listen to CBC3 to my little heart’s content as I work. CBC3 is lovely. In addition to the regular streaming radio, they have these “artist pages” so that you can hear a smattering of cuts from the artist’s life’s work (is it all singles? most popular tracks? the science of artist pages is a mystery to me). They also have mini-blurbs about who these people are and what they’ve achieved, but since it’s been a couple years since I’ve even sighted the cutting edge from the crow’s nest, I’m pretty disoriented.

So I’ve been reading up, semi-haphazardly, at Chart Attack, “Your Canadian Music Source.” It is, it is! My delightul friend Shannon Whibbs writes for them (she of the shiny hair and puppet shows), but for ages I’ve cheated by just *asking* her what REM lyrics mean or whether is “Joel Plaskett and the Emergency” or “The Joel Plaskett Emergency” (Shannon reports: it’s the latter). It turns out that the site, rife with Shannon-esque wisdom, contains reviews and profiles of all sorts of things beyond my ken. It’s particularly handy at this “shopping for others” period of the year, but really this is all part of my quest to be well-rounded! One of these days…

I feel foolish / you look Polish

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So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum

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