December 14th, 2007

Friday Likings

349. Friends
350. Lists
351. Pudding
352. The Joel Plaskett Emergency
353. Annabel Lyon
354. Annotated PDFs
355. The phrase “carbon footprint”
356. Reducing your carbon footprint
357. Marmalade
358. Song lyrics that encapsulate something you’ve always thought but never said aloud
359. Shiny hair
360. Staple removers
361. Wireless technology
362. Gingerbread
363. Rhymes
364. Futo maki
365. Thoughtfulness
366. Parents
367. Fluffy snow
368. Places where it doesn’t snow
369. Free downloads
370. John Updike
371. Punctuation
372. The “Little House” books
373. Hawkeye Pearce
374. Toblerones

Now, don’t those 25 things make you want to add some of your own?

Happy Friday!

Everytime they look at us / We’ll blow their minds

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