November 5th, 2007

Disturbing mental processes

This morning, whilst getting ready for work, I followed a train of thought that cannot be produced here (not because I cannot remember; because it was too stupid) and arrived at an unexpected station: the reason that the 1980s cosmetic kit brand was bizarrely called Caboodles is because it is a kit and the name is reference the other half of the idiomatic expression, “the whole kit and caboodle,” which as far as I can tell, actually means nothing. I wish to emphasize that I was not *trying* to figure this out, I just somehow did. And while I am obviously concerned about the trivia my mind sees fit to pursue, it is also obvious that I find this information at least somewhat interesting, as I am after all reproducing it here for your dubious benefit.

Now that I have utterly discredited myself, I would like to recommend that you see the film Michael Clayton if you are at all interested in watching a slow legal procedural with a) no romance, b) no buddy banter, c) very little action (a car does blow up [twice]). I am not certain why I liked this movie, it is not my bag at all, but I really did think it was sharp and interesting and, above all, well-written.

Also long past the point that everyone else noticed, I have finally seen a movie with George Clooney that I could understand (*Oh Brother Where Art Though?* remains utterly inpenetrable to me) and realize that he is both talented and attractive. Who, when he was Jo’s concert pianist boyfriend Rick on the *The Facts of Life*, would have guessed? Even better was Tilda Swinton–in a movie full of (nuanced, interesting) archetypes, she played a character I have never seen before, and I think she did it brilliantly.

The plot (in the narrative and diabolical senses) concerns a bad pesticide and the lawsuit of the people it harmed, but this isn’t *Erin Brokovich*, thank goodness, and there are larger issues at play than “bad corporations are bad!”

I just love the way a good movie makes me feel–like the world has more pockets and reaches than I knew about before.

We’re coming off of the sidelines

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