October 19th, 2007

Zero Days!

I don’t have braces! I am a person without braces!!! I am a normal adult (HA! I *look* like a normal adult!)

Smile smile smile smile smile.

My teeth are so smoooooth! I had heard teeth can get scarred when you have braces on for a long time, but it turns out not usually, unless you don’t brush or have a bad orthodontist.

I brush! I have a good orthodontist! I have beautiful shiny ridiculously straight teeth!

Smile smile smile smile!!!!

The receptionist at the ortho’s said she’d never seen anyone so excited to have her braces off. I am mystified–doesn’t everybody want their braces off? Stupid disaffected teens. And that was actually somewhat subdued excitement by the end of the visit when I got her to take my (first) “after” picture. Subdued because the appointment was 2.5 hours long, and fairly painful, in that with enamel braces they sort of have to snap them off and the shock reverberates through your skull. And then they get out this vibrating thing and file the glue off, which is also not very fun.

But it’s the sort of thing one forgets immediately when everyone crowds your desk at work to look at your mouth approvingly, and to give you candy and gum! I am chewing Juicy Fruit right now, and it’s the best thing ever. Apparently, while I was away from the land of gum, they reinvented it as a capsule. Sweeetttt!

Smile smile smile smile.

I can*not* stop licking my teeth, even with the gum in. I should really go home.

Happy Friday!!!!!

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