October 3rd, 2007


Remember back in university, when every fall everyone sent around little questionnaires to all their friends with semi-inane, semi-entertaining queries for you to read their answers to and then answer yourself and forward to all *your* friends. And it was actually a sort of clever concept, except by Christmas exams you’d be getting sick of answering “bacon bits or croutons” and there’d be a million little forwarding arrows all over the emails, and so the thing would die out until the next fall, until graduation from undergrad, when it died out entirely.

Well, not at Rose-coloured it didn’t. I love these, but you’ve got to keep it interesting—I write a new one every year. Not that mine are necessarily fascinating, but at least they’re novel. And I really am very nosy—even if you aren’t thrilled, consider filling one of these out and either commenting it (below) or putting a link in my comment box to where you are posting it, just to entertain me! I really really want to know—to the extent that I won’t post my own answers for a while, so as not to colour the sample.

Let the inanity begin!

1. First car you drove and where you went.
2. Favourite name for a boy.
3. What are the basic components of lasagna, according to you?
4. What could make you move, this month, to another country?
5. Farthest you’ve ever gone on foot (in measurements or by landmark—ie from the Danforth to midtown).
6. I would never have a … for a pet because …
7. Favourite kind of gum / reason why you hate all gum.
8. Favourite name for a girl.
9. Worst tv show you’ve ever liked (that you’ll admit to).
10. What’s your best party trick?
11. Gun to your head: get a non-ear piercing—where?
12. What’s your strength you always brag about in job interviews?
13. What song is in your head?
14. Why do you live in the place you live?
15. Expensive useless item you’d be embarrassed to own, yet sorta wish you did?
16. Last charity you gave to?
17. After you take your laundry out of the drier, what do you do with it?
18. What was the last conversation you had about?
These last ones are oldies from past surveys, but I always want to know and, hey, we’re all evolving.
19. What’s the best thing you can cook?
20. What are you wearing right now?

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