October 8th, 2007

Meme answers

1. First car you drove and where you went.

Ford Taurus, and technically the first time I drove I went in a small circle in a parking lot at ignition speed. The first time I drove alone as a licenced driver, I went to the county line, because I could.

2. Favourite name for a boy.


3. What are the basic components of lasagna, according to you?

Noodles, ricotta cheese, tomatoy-oniony sauce, spinach!!

4. What could make you move, this month, to another country?

Very very hard for me to imagine. Some sort of constellation of money and love, I guess: I’d have to be able to afford to do it, and I’d have to be going with someone I liked enough to know I wouldn’t hate the new place.

5. Farthest you’ve ever gone on foot?

From the Danforth to midtown.

6. I would never have a bird for a pet because a bird in the house is bad luck.

7. Favourite kind of gum / reason why you hate all gum.

Extra Bubblemint (that I know of–there are yet flavours undiscovered!)

8. Favourite name for a girl.

Emma? Sarah? Rebecca? I like “a” names.

9. Worst tv show you’ve ever liked (that you’ll admit to).

Pigsty? Ned and Stacy?

10. What’s your best party trick?

Shoulder stands, double-jointed toes, the subjunctive.

11. Gun to your head: get a non-ear piercing—where?

Nose. I’ve always thought those are cute, actually–I just worry about job intereviews. And snot.

12. What’s your strength you always brag about in job interviews?

Takes direction well. And enthusiasm!!!!

13. What song is in your head? Dead by My Chemical Romance

14. Why do you live in the place you live?

It was a very convenient commute two jobs ago, and then not so much for the last two years, and then good again for this one. Finally, inertia pays off.

15. Expensive useless item you’d be embarrassed to own, yet sorta wish you did?

Lululemon Groove apns

16. Last charity you gave to?

United Way.

17. After you take your laundry out of the drier, what do you do with it?

Throw it on the couch in wrinkle-minimizing formation until it starts to bother me, or someone comes over, or I wear everything.

18. What was the last conversation you had about?


These last ones are oldies from past surveys, but I always want to know and, hey, we’re all evolving.
19. What’s the best thing you can cook?

Still egg curry. I guess I’m actually not evolving. (note to those who didn’t read previous memes: this egg curry has nothing to do with the real one that people eat in India, or anywhere other than my appartment. I invented it in 1999 when I read Jhumpra Lahiri’s “Third and Final Continent” and some of those characters ate egg curry. It was an amazing story, and egg curry sounded really delicious. I had no recipe, so I just thought really hard about it, and invented one. Later I got a recipe and I was very very wrong, but I can’t switch–too addicted to my wrongness.)

20. What are you wearing right now?

Um, this is bad, I just came from the gym: white sockettes, blue basketball shorts, purple t-shirt that I got in 1991, yellow terry headband that I got in 1989, glasses, earrings, braces. This is about as bad as i could possibly look without some sort of disease, I think.

I gave you blood blood / gallons of the stuff

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