October 22nd, 2007

Liquor is quicker…

but it doesn’t really taste as good as candy.

I gakked this link fromKateCandy Blog! Reviews of candy! Some of it’s pretty esoteric, but there’s some classics, too; last week there was a review of Reese’s Pieces. But the site doesn’t exactly serve a pracitical puprose in my life: I don’t buy much candy, or any really. I just enjoy the info—I like to know what’s out there, just in case there’s a candy emergency. It’s entertaining, too—the author is a playwright, articulate and amusing in her candy passion.

Instead of “I don’t buy candy” I used to say, “I don’t eat candy,” but that is such a giant lie. No, I do not need my own package of M&Ms, but I wouldn’t mind *one* of yours (a blue one). I haven’t eaten a full-size Mars bar (my favourite) in a million years, but when the workplace Hallowe’en bucket comes out, there’s definitely a fun-size Mars with my name on it. I find that lots of adults, especially women, feel compelled to say, “Candy? Meh, why would I want that?” for fear of looking, I dunno, immature? Fat? But pass around a Pot of Gold box after dinner, and people will study the map is if they are on an archeological dig.

Candy is special.

As a child, I could never go in pursuit of candy (what is walking distance from my house was: corn), and almost never did it come to me. Hallowe’en candy, yes, from approved neighbours and the also whatever my folks bought for our non-existent trick-or-treaters. Also jellybeans and smarties at birthday parties, and candy canes and jellybeans for Christmas (I really like jelly beans), marzipan and strange “jelly slice” candies for Hannukkah, and gelt at all Jewish holidays. Oh, and one real candy bar of whatever variety I wanted for the annual school hike (it was on the packing list, so my folks *had* to get it for me). The hike was held inexplicably in February. You spend 8 hours basically falling down a snowy hill, and your reward was to unwrap your hotdog weiner from its Saran Wrap at campfire, and then either set it on fire or drop it in the coals, and then eat your Caramilk bar in peace.

But that was it–my candy intake for the year. And it’s kind of engrained in me now, candy is special, for special occasions, you can’t just have it whenever. Except my colleague gave me gumdrops and caramels for brace-off last week, and they are right here in my drawer and…

Candy is dandy. And Hallowe’en is soon!

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