September 3rd, 2007

Weekend Summation

–What blue blue skies!
–Tequila Bookroom has a rooftop patio that is gorgeous. Did you know that? I didn’t know that.
–I bought patent leather shoes. They are very shiny.
–Kim(berly) came to visit and she has been in the sun so much this summer that she is blonder than ever. Lemon blond, Barbie blond, it’s insane. And she is also well and charming as ever, and the visiting cat adores her.
–Oh my goodness, the weather was so gorgeous–sunny and warm, but with a coolish breeze and at any hour the sun seems to be on a tilt. I guess this is what they mean by Indian Summer. Is that expression still acceptable, political-correctness-wise?
–I also bought a $98 sweater for $24. That makes it easier to accept that sweater-weather is coming.
High School Musical: the Concert lacks exposition.
–Long weekends are nice.
–What are we celebrating on Labour Day again?

Get your head in the game!

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