September 14th, 2007

The Recommender

I’ve mentioned, here and elsewhere, that I’m not much of a reviewer. I like lotsa stuff, and I always want to share, but I often run out of convincing reasons other than, “I like it, it’s really good…you’ll like it too!” which as you may note, is not a reason to do anything!

However, recommendations are fun, because occasionally I know about good stuff you might like. Like melon yoghurt (yes, I am totally over my aversions to melon-y things! Melonyness is lovely, actually). And more:

The film Amal, which I saw last night at the film festival. It was a slow, sleepy little film. Even the melodrama was whispery. But I loved it. And despite weird pacing, with several key tensions being resolved well before the climax, I was on the edge of my seat until the credits. And yes, it did resolve the way I wanted it to.

The restaurant Yummy Bar-B-Q, which is apparently the last restaurant in the universe with no website, but is located on the west side of Yonge just south of Wellesley, and the the south side of Bloor just east of Bathurst, and possibly other places as well, and is fabulous. Seriously, the sheer variety of different items on your plate no matter what you order is joyful, and all of it (besides the mystifying ice-cream scoop of macaroni salad next to the rice) is excellent. Get the chicken spicy unless you have a violent aversion to spicy foods–it’s the best one, and non-searing. And the kimchee isn’t that spicy either, but it’s damn good.

Dubliners by James Joyce. I know, this is not a new recommendation to most people, but well, I’m coming to the book for the first time (mainly) at the age of 29, so it is possible that some of you need that extra nudge, as well… Everyone knows it is a “classic” (whatever that means) but did you know it is really great for reading on the TTC? The stories are short enough to read in a commute, and straightforward and brilliantly (often grimly) clear enough that even with the distractions of fellow riders, traffic and trying not to fall over, you can keep it all straight. Plus the characters often see or ride trams and streetcars–it’s like being in the story! A hundred years later, though.

These are the things I’m endorsing today. Maybe next week, I’ll find a political candiate or something.

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