August 12th, 2007


Although I have spent the afternoon groggily at the library, staring out the revolving doors at the grey rain and occasionally getting a little work done (and, yes, answering library-related questions, too), this was an exciting weekend. Yesterday started off slow, with a morning and an afternoon of work, but all my students were well behaved, uninterested in pitching onto the floor, yelling at each other or trying to pull the feet off the rubber chicken (a perennial desire of theirs, for some reason). This counts as a win, no?

As it turns out, the “Idle Tigers” lives an hour and a half from where I work, which is terrible but worth it. The housewarming tea-and-watermelon party proved delightful, even though I was very late. Then I went back uptown a ways, to collect Small Kitten (all my friends are felines??) for dinner. For someone whose ankle is broken in many places, that girl can really move. Even stairs!

Post-dining, we went to the Bedford Academy for Jessica’s birthday party (Jessica has no webpage named after a cat, but she’s still awesome). I eventually had to scurry off for the last party of the evening, Shannon’s (Shannon also with the no web presence. How weird.) That party was also awesome, once I arrived (guacamole! multi-leveled patio! gnomes plural!) but to get there I had to run the gamut of Taste of the Danforth, which quite honestly made me want to die.

The music was great, the food smelled good, but I had by that point already seen a lot more people than I usually see in a day, and there were many many many many more on the Danforth, all of whom had a dog, a child, a bicycle and/or a roti slowing down their progress. Even worse, when I left, many were drunk, too. You couldn’t go anywhere fast, and I spent several minutes pinned against the roti stand, being sad.

I don’t mind crowds, but I don’t much like them, either, and really, most street festivals of that sort strike me as big delicious disasters. I would never go voluntarily. I guess deep in my heart, I am sort of a hermit.

But I did have fun this weekend with all those nice people. Now off to eat some sushi.

I went into the red / I went into the black

Edit–10:45pm–this post didn’t get published when it was written, just before 6pm, because after I made the closing announcements at 5:55 pm and sat down to proofread this, a man came to the desk and demanded my name because he found the “intonation of the closing announcements is absolutely inappropriate and very upseting.” I said he could file a complaint and my supervisors would reprimand me if necessary. He said, “Why won’t you give me your name, why, I’m a patron of this library, why!” My answer, “Because you are scaring me.” It’s not like I thought he was going to smack or stalk me (probably) but there was so much rage being directed at me that I could nearly feel it, and, possibly irrationally, I didn’t want him knowing anything about me. Terrifying. Finally the supervisor offered him her name and he wrote that done and went away, wrathfully.

But then I went and ate sushi that floated by in tiny boats, and felt better.

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