August 29th, 2007

Two days in

My new job is fine, I think. I haven’t really done much yet, except read the manual and decorate my cube and get lost a bunch of times and have to be extracted from the building by friendly HR folk. Ok, actually I haven’t done anything: my new boss is ill, no one else knows how she wanted me trained and are too busy to do so anyway, and I don’t know anything so I can’t be in anyway helpful. Everyone I’ve met is super nice and friendly, but they can’t chat for too long because they have work to do. It’s no one’s fault, but I’m sorta going nuts.

On the upside, the homepage of my internet there is MSN/Sympatico, which I have never scene before. These were the headlines when I logged in this morning:

Facebook everywhere
Owen Wilson is going to be okay
South Park pushes boundaries again
Dress cute for less
Tips for snagging lower airfares

Aka: the news *every day*.

Ruby asked him with a grin

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