August 16th, 2007

This Linkable Life

I’ve realized that many of the blogs I admire have lots of lovely links embedded in the posts, which save me the trouble of Googling the books, music, events and information that they mention. Not that it’s not easy to Google, or that I really want to see a picture of *every* book cover or celebrity mentioned, but sometimes I do and it’s so *friendly* that someone’s bothered with the HTML to make my life just that much easier.

I’ve been really lazy with the links here, but that’s all about to change!!

As summer winds up, I’ve been a bit spinny with all that needs to get done, but many nice things are also afoot. I bought a couple new (to me, not to the world) cds to celebrate…well, to celebrate having money in my pocket, basically. I haven’t bought cds in ages, all part of my grad-school shopping embargo, so these are especially delightful. One is Get Behind Me Satan by the White Stripes, which is kickass, except I haven’t quite figured out what to do with it yet. It’s not running music, it’s not writing music, it mainly seems to be sit-and-listen music, which I don’t have tonnes of time for. It used to be proofreading music, when I discovered the White Stripes on the shared drive at my old work (that’s so Canadianese, isn’t it? “my work” as a place?)

On the other hand, Blood on the Tracks is all-the-time music. There’s nothing on this album that isn’t intensely hummable, funny and bizarre. Possibly why it’s often referred to as one of the greatest albums ever! I’m sorry it took me my whole life to listen, but whatever, it’s good. Unfortunately, Mr. Dylan is not the *nicest* guy in the world, and his tendency to be snarky is not so soothing in my current state of high anxiety. Nevertheless, I have taken to listening to “Idiot Wind” every morning before I leave the house. That can’t be good.

More links soon, promise promise.

You better take that diamond ring / you better pawn it babe

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