August 2nd, 2007

Dispatches from Department of Dumb Ideas

#1–I have installed a hit-count-thingy on this site. My bro thought it would be interesting, but I said, “Nah, I have four readers and I know who they are.” (Hey, guys!) He said, “Maybe people you don’t know read it, too.” And he was right! Or, at least, either that or you four are strangely mobile! Anyway, now I can check on that and see how I’m doing, hit-wise, whenever I feel like wasting time. Not a good temptation to have. But hello, strange new readers, whoever you are. I like you already.
#2–A small child yelled angrily at me in a foreign language from her stroller. A library patron was rude on the phone. I am upset about both these incidents. Clearly I am being silly and thin-skinned, yet I am sad.
#3–I threw a rubber chicken at one of my students because he wasn’t paying attention.
#4–I put chunks of watermelon in a ziploc instead of a tupperware because it would take less space in my bag that way. Now, of course, it is a big sticky smushy mess. Of *course* I’m going to eat it anyway!

Well, there you have it. The day can only improve, though, with a swim, some writing workshoppery, hwae dop bop and *The Simpsons* movie all afoot for later. Yes, yes, Simpsons. I maintain that this is not part of my streak of bad ideas. The trailers are funny, anyway.

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