July 27th, 2007

A Good Day

Yesterday was an excellent day for the written word around here. In the morning, I finally sent awwaaaaay a story that has been bugging me. It may not, in fact, have been fine, but it was as fine as I was going to get it, and now it is out of my power to pick at it anymore. Then in the afternoon I met up with Kerry and we did the whole write-and-talk thing. For the more solitary-garret types, this may seem like an unproductive thing to do, but for me, with writers I’m in sync with, it’s quite lovely to have their insights, feedback and general creative auras. Plus Kerry actually solved a knot in the story I was working on, practically handing me the ending. That never happens. Thanks, K!

And then when I got home, the mail had brought me lovely volumes with a squirrel on the cover: the new issue of QWERTY. If you are a non-subscriber and not in New Brunswick, this one might be hard to find, but if you do spot an inland copy, I urge you to grab it. And not *just* because my story “Missing (MF)” appears on page 88. Also because there is a wealth of poetry and prose in here, by names famed and new. QWERTY is put together by the University of New Brunswick’s Creative MA students, whose program closely parallels the one I just completed, and they’ve done some wicked work here. And the squirrel is really cute, even though he’s holding a knife.

I much fear that my planned picnic at the Dream in High Park is about to rained out this evening. I am promised a floor picnic and videos if that occurs, though, so I can’t pout *too* much. Plus the embarrassment of riches listed above.

Ends up making payments on a sofa or a girl

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