June 8th, 2007

There was this story by Margaret Atwood

At least, I’m pretty sure it’s by her; it begins when a young woman experiences some sort of crisis in her life and comes to stay with the protagonist in Toronto. They knew each other in high school, but weren’t really friends and haven’t spoken in a long time–she’s just the “only one still in the city.” The plot advances, or doesn’t, from there, I can’t really remember, but that’s the initial premise.

I read the story in high school, so it’s older, and I’d really like to read it again if I could. I know this is a really lame description, but if you can somehow figure out from it the title of the story or, even better, the title of the collection in which it is housed, I’d be most grateful. Really, I’d totally bake you some cookies or something.

Gwan just do it / whatever it is

PS–Fred gets total props for reading the end of the very long Bob Dylan song I posted a couple days ago! Shout out!

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So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum

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