May 9th, 2007


I woke around 3am having somehow escaped from my pillows and rolled facedown onto the mattress. Not a huge problem for most people, I guess, but I am still not fully healed from the jaw surgery I had in January, and putting the full weight of my skull on my jaw hurts like a mofo. I staggered to get the super-strength painkillers I’m supposed to not need anymore, and collapsed back into bed, supine. However, when the alarm went off three hours later, I was prone once more! Why? Are there magnets in my face that are attracted to the mattress springs? Am I having burrowing dreams that I don’t remember?

I feel as though I’ve been punched in the face, and I just took the last of my carry-along painkillers. Argh. Only 10 more hours until I go home.

I just want to tell you what I know / and catch you when the current lets you go

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