May 4th, 2007

Eek! I mean, Yay! I mean, Whir?

No, it’s not a Marvel Comics dustup, it’s me trying to convey my joy at the news that my story “Chilly Girl,” originally published by Exile Quarterly has been short-listed for the 2007 Journey Prize.I’m a little overstimulated. It’s an honour to have been nominated by Exile, (that’s a cliche, but a true cliche, so I guess it doesn’t matter), but if you get short-listed you get to be in the Journey Prize Anthology, which is just so cool. Anyway, if you are curious, the anthology will be out in November, the finalists will be announced in February next, and the winner in March.

Now I am trying to write a short piece to accompany the story, offering some insight onto the work and/or why/how I wrote it. I have shockingly little to say. Good thing today’s mail brought the freebie cds I ordered in an attempt to understand the students I teach. I am relieved to note that I like Fallout Boy just fine, so that must mean I am not ancient quite yet…right? Right. But so far, they have failed to inspire me to write anything worthwhile. I guess I still have til the end of May. Before that, brilliance…

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