April 23rd, 2007


I swore I’d post yestereve, but we’re running a little behind schedule here at Rose-coloured, due to the fact that marking proceeds nearly nonstop. It’s affecting my mind: is there really any difference between loose and lose? Between regrets and regress? Is Lorna Crozier’s poetry really about “random stuff” and how “everything is pointless”? Hmm…

Anyway, at 5.5 hours to the original deadline, I still have 15 exams left to mark, which means had I not gotten the delightful extension from the department that I was granted (until Thursday) I likely still could’ve somehow made it. It would’ve wrecked my weekend, however, to get all that done. I’m much happier having gone to Friday’s party, slept a few hours, gone out for dinner with the Small Kitten and The Spiral of Life at Fresh last night. Good entertainment, that. We are all so professional and fascinating these days–librarians, doctors, lawyers, accountants, editors (post-birthday shout-out to Mega if she’s reading). You really have to hand it to enforced dormitory living, it bonds you to a wide range of humans that you just won’t meet in later life. Really, The Facts of Life was much more realistic than you’d think.

Statements like the above might give you a strong indication that I am in a state of lunatic euphoria these days (you know you are freaking out when stoned artists hit on you on the subway and you let them listen to your iPod). Life seems ridiculously good, which is of course terrifying. Other shoes, I feel, are always lurking!

Hey, Melanie just appeared! Hi, Mel!

Old men wanna be rich / Rich men wanna be king

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So Much Love by Rebecca Rosenblum

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